Made in 72 hours in collaboration with come cool kiddos for Ludum Dare 43. The theme of the jam was "Sacrifices must be made"

Arrow keys - move 
Up arrow - jump
Z - grappling hook
X - slam / fast fall
C - grenade


Programming - Alec Evans, Nick Mueller

Art - Angela Zhou, Matthew Deschler, Nick Mueller, Jonathan Wang

Level Design - Alec Evans, Matthew Deschler, Nick Mueller

Ideas/Other stuff -James Eckert, Alcuin Mowrer, Jonathan Wang, Matthew Deschler, Mason Smith,  Angela Zhou, Nick Mueller,  Daniel Granger, Alec Evans

Music - Sebastian Flynn(Check him out here

Description from Matthew Deschler - "You are a simple mechanic, looking for new parts to help make things.  You buy a reserve of land from a farmer, who seems a bit anxious to get it off of his hands.  This reserve, called the "Tiodrem Reserve", for reasons unknown, contains an abandoned factory.  When you go into the factory to look for spare parts, you didn't realize that you were about to have a rather interesting experience concerning some vengeful ghosts..."


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Thanks for letting me make the music guys, it was BIG fun  6/5